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True Pilates
“Romana’s Pilates is True Pilates”
For more than 50 years, Romana Kryzanowska had been putting students through vigorous Pilates workouts. After Joseph Pilates’ death, Romana took over the studio and kept his legacy alive by creating Romana’s Pilates Certification, her world-renowned Pilates instructor certification program.
Romana’s Pilates, or also known as True Pilates and Classical Pilates, is unique from other programs as it keeps true to the key principles and values that Joseph believed in when he first started his method. Students will be taught using techniques that are as close to the original teaching as is available anywhere in the world. 
Romana’s Pilates has a small number of instructors who are entrusted in helping training and educating apprentices. These instructors are given a higher level of certification and Sydney has one of Romana’s most senior instructors living here – Cynthia Lochard. Cynthia travels around the world educating instructors and is passionate about maintaining the integrity of Pilates’ exercises.
Designed by Romana herself, the program is firm in insisting upon a commitment from each apprentice, but flexible in allowing people to juggle work schedules and family obligations. A minimum of 600 hours of observation and assisted teaching is necessary along with passing three practical exams and two written exam. 
It is not hard to see why many consider Romana's Pilates Certification to be the finest certification program in the world. 
For a more detailed overview please find the link in the tabs above for Romana’s Pilates Independent Instructor Program (IITP).