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Location:503-12 Huajiu Road, Zhujiang New Town (South to Guangzhou American Consulate)

Phone:Ying 18078822001 or 020-89815789


Pilates is great for my chronic injury relief ...my body feels years younger

Pilates has been great for relief of a chronic injury and making my body feel years younger. I had soreness after most physical exercise and was not satisfied with watching my performance, as a tennis player and runner get progressively worse. I wanted to increase my flexibility, improve my core strength and not add on any muscle mass or subject my body to needless stress.


Yap Studios where I discovered Pilates, was the answer to what I needed to augment my fitness routine. Ying was able to tailor a workout that has benefited me immensely. For the first time in five years, I have been able to do speed workouts without having to take days off after to recover. My agility and speed on the tennis court has increased and I can play at a higher level without tightness or pain.


Ying is detailed orientated which makes all the difference in the world between a good workout and a great workout. She has been able to tell me exactly what to do to improve my fitness. She has helped me understand the reasoning behind each exercise and how best to utilize my time.


The studio is clean, centrally located and welcoming. The instructors are held to this high standard and are obviously tremendous athletes. Pilates is an exercise routine that can benefit all kinds of fitness levels, it is safe, and can be adapted in other settings. Most important, at Yap Studios, it is a lot of fun!