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Location:503-12 Huajiu Road, Zhujiang New Town (South to Guangzhou American Consulate)

Phone:Ying 18078822001 or 020-89815789


Rachel Lu (Senior Instructor)
Rachel has been practicing and teaching Pilates since 2009, and since joining our studio in 2012 she has been teaching the Classical Pilates method. Her love and understanding of the Classical Pilates method grows with time. Rachel became a mother in 2013, and through her Pilates training felt the physical and mental strength Pilates gave her both pre- and post-pregnancy. She is good example of what Classical Pilates can do for women and wants to share her experience of Pilates with everybody, especially with other young women. Always smiling and caring, she is adored by all in the studio. Rachel teaches in both English and Mandarin. 
Sandra Maiworm-Halpert (Senior Instructor, PMA certified instructor)
Sandra was born in Germany and has lived in Guangzhou for the last few years. She joined the studio in 2012, “I was looking for a professional studio like in Germany, and in TPC studio I immediately felt at home.”
As a Pilates professional, Sandra believes that Pilates is not only about building a better body, but also key in building a better lifestyle. Thanks to Pilates, Sandra has cured her frequent knee aches and posture problems completely, and feels refreshed and liberated.
Sandra is dedicated in improving your core stability and body awareness in a challenging and fun environment. She takes pride in motivating others based on her own experiences.
She holds a master’s degree in Health Sciences (M.A.), and can teach Pilates in 4 languages: German, English, Hebrew and Mandarin.