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GYROTONIC伸展系统® 是由美籍匈牙利人Juliu Horvath 先生创建的。Juliu Horvath 总结了多年的深入学习和探索,创造了GYROTONIC®器械和锻炼方法。这个独特的方法具有瑜伽,舞蹈,体操,游泳和太极锻炼的益处,但不是单纯的模仿。GYROTONIC® 在拉伸和强化肌肉的同时,刺激和加强关节周围的结缔组织。配合相应的呼吸模式,达到有氧心血管锻炼和神经肌肉的激活。


GYROTONIC® 锻炼具有完全的运动自主性。所有的动作在专业的悬吊系统上完成。动作难度完全可以根据参与者的能力和体型调整。从悬吊架产生的均匀持续的阻力,能够完全规避传统的器械训练的开始结束的不流畅性,这种不流畅性在某种程度上是很多运动伤害产生的原因。这项运动标志性的画圈,旋转和波浪动作形式是GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® (GYROTONIC伸展系统®) 的特色,是增加脊柱功能,提高本体球面和三维知觉,和提高对称性的很好的方法。

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is composed of the GYROTONIC and GYROKINESIS exercise methods. Juliu Hovarth, creator of the system, discovered the method during many years of study while trying to heal serious disc injuries that came about from his career as a dancer. Over 30 years later, GYROTONIC and GYROKINESIS movement is recommended by any physical therapist that is familiar with the modality. Both these systems comprise of circular and spiralling movements of the body and can be performed by anyone, regardless of age or state of health.
By training the body to work in a circular, spiralling motion, the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® exercises the musculo-skeletal structure as well as the nervous system by mobilizing and articulating the joints. This simultaneously stretches and strengthens the body, increasing range of motion, correcting posture and developing coordination and equilibrium.
The movements are more circular in dimension than exercises in the Pilates Method. This more 3-dimensional approach to articulating the joints helps them to open up easily and fluidly, while strengthening the body in an open range of motion. The internal sensation of doing GYROTONIC® exercise is that of dancing, swimming, massaging, yawning, spiralling and working against resistance in unfamiliar states of balance.
GYROTONIC® exercise is ideal for clients at any level who want more flexibility in their spine, hips and shoulders, or who want more overall strength and flexibility for the whole body. It is also extremely therapeutic for those dealing with spinal pathologies. Some other benefits that may be gained by practicing the methods are: increased circulation; cardiovascular stimulation; increased mobility of the joints; stimulation, and strengthening of the nervous system; mobilization of the spine; improved sense perception; greater balance, and flow of energy; and improved coordination.
While GYROKINESIS® exercises can be taught in a group format using a stool and a mat, GYROTONIC® movement is taught privately or as a semi-private, using a central apparatus called the Pulley Tower unit, and four other main pieces of specialized equipment.

For more information about Juliu Horvath and the official GYROTONIC® website, visit www.gyrotonic.com.